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Located on the beautiful Los Conchas Beach, Playa Vida is within walking distance of one of the country's most beautiful Riparian Reserves. Majestic Osprey soar above the shore and raise chicks on giant nests perched on the telephone poles on the road outside Playa Vida.  Cranes, pelicans, seagulls, and other birds can be seen seasonally on the beach and sea.

9 - 12' dolphins frolic right outside your back door, so don't forget to bring binoculars.  If the fish are close, they swim in, but don't frighten them - they are a bit leery of human visitors.  Sea lions also visit from time to time, often swimming like very slow dolphins.

Brittle stars, sea stars, crabs (blue and rock), and myriads of fish and sponge abound in the rocky lava strips revealed during low tide outside Playa Vida's back door.  Sand shoes protect your feet from the rocks as you take your family to see marine life up close as you've never seen it before.  An occasional purple octopus will be hunting for food - harmless to humans and breathtakingly beautiful.  Sand strips between the rocks make for comfortable swimming 3/4 of the year.  For those who can handle the tropical cold, sea swimming can be enjoyed year 'round.

Los Conchas is conveniently located only five to seven minutes away from any portion of Rocky Point, from the downtown area to the town's 'Rodeo Drive'.  Far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the main town and atmospheric lights, the sky drips with stars at night.  No ATVs (except for the security guards') or other vehicles are allowed on the beach to protect it as well as visitors.  Las Mareas is a gated community staffed with security guards who check every car entering and exiting the area.


Playa Vida, located on the beautiful Los Conchase Beach in Rocky Point, Mexico View a virtual tour of Playa Vida in Conchas.